On-site machining - portable machine tools

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A large range of portable boring machines ViRGo  with their welding kits
( from ID 25 mm to ID 600 mm ) for any axis' maintenance
and repair in workshops or on site applications.

Our Product

Our range of products covers almost all customers' needs. Nevertheless, the concept of each machine allows us to customise them for special applications.

To give our customer more satisfaction, we can also study any specific request. Our technical feed back in "on site machining operations" is a great source of inspiration.


Download technical data's ViRGo


Main technical features

  • reduced size and weight
  • modular concept
  • 100% success with the pitch of the welding beam due to the mechanical feed torch motion in accordance with the rotation.
  • Fully mechanical device
  • Very easy to use and fit
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
Several applications : industry, siderurgy, public works, dams and water power stations...
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